At Automotive Career Consultants, our business is helping dealerships like yours and other related businesses fill critical personnel openings with the best available talent.
Why use a recruiting firm?
  • Results and Value
    As car quality/price relationships continue to level out, as facilities are improved and customer satisfaction becomes a universal goal, what is left to establish a true competitive advantage over the legions of competing dealers?  Talented people.  Automotive Career Consultants supplies the quality pre-screened candidates you need with much less of your management's time invested.
  • Specialization
    Professional recruiting firms spend 100% of their time indentifying and screening candidates within a specific industry.  You certainly have other businesses priorities to occupy your valuable time rather than sifting through the resumes, references and screen processes that seem to be endless.  At Automotive Career Consultants, we specialize in streamlining the employment process for you.  Our confidential service helps provide you the talented people and the time to do what you do best...   compete successfully in today's automotive market.
  • Our Commitment to Serving Your Needs
    • Taking an accurate job order.
    • Conducting a comprehensive computer, office network and telemarketing.
    • Search for the best candidates.
    • Screening of the candidates by abilities, experience, desired positions.
    • 1-on-1 interviews with the candidates.
    • Checking references, employment, driving and credit reports as required.
    • Arranging an interview for the client and candidate to meet.
    • Contacting the client after receiving the candidates' feedback.
    • Arranging the second/third interview.
    • Discussing the advantages of the position and company with the candidate.
    • Helping negotiate an employment agreement and incentives.
    • Following-up with the candidate once the offer has been accepted.
    • Following-up with the candidate after employment has started.
    • Reporting feedback information from the new hire to the client.
    • Developing a partnership relationship with our clients.
  • Our Pledge
    • Individualize Attention.
    • Immediate Response.
    • Complete Confidentiality.
    • Personally interviewed candidates.
    • Complete and checked business references for all candidates.
    • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
    And remember, our product is employees, 
    the most valuable asset of any company.
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